Texas hunting and fishing licenses go digital, sort of.

In a move to modernize the process of showing proof that a hunter or angler is licensed the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department now allows for a digital version to be presented when stopped by a Texas Game Warden.

The new law went into effect September 1, 2019 and allows Texas anglers and hunter to show a copy of their license on a mobile device like a phone or tablet. Bill HB547 by State Rep. Terry Canales (Edinburg) was signed by Gov. Greg Abbott on May 16.

In the past, failure to provide a license could result in a Class C misdemeanor and a fine up to $500. But wait, paper licenses are not gone for good.

When hunting game, like dove, that does not require a tag you can get by with a photograph to serve as verification of a valid license. You must carry your physical license with you for deer and turkey hunts, and if you want to retain an oversized red drum, since they require tags. A paper license will still be required for supplemental licenses like federal duck stamps.

If you’re ready to make the move to a digital copy, even if only for a backup, you can choose from a couple options:

  1. A photograph copy of your license. Probably best to have a copy of the front and the back.
  2. Outdoor Annual mobile app
  3. My Texas Hunt Harvest app

Whatever you choose to do be mindful that some areas of Texas have poor reception for cellular devices. Don’t get caught in a remote area left with your hand in the air trying to catch a signal to download your license.

Dillon Brown

Native Texan with an affinity for bowhunting, camping, and kayaking.

This article originally appears at Texas Trophy Hunters

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