Texas Legislative Roundup

Three noteworthy bills from the 86th legislative session

Three bills submitted to this year’s state legislative session will affect hunters and the whitetail industry. Here’s a quick run-down:

House Bill 547 from state Rep. Terry Canales would allow Texans the ability to carry their hunting and fishing licenses digitally via smartphone or other “wireless communication device.” The bill would mandate Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to accomplish this, with the agency providing a downloadable image licensees could get from a TWPD website, or allowing for a photograph of their physical license to serve as verification of a valid license. So far, legislators haven’t taken any action on this bill since filling it.

Senate Bill 317 from state Sen. Bryan Hughes would allow for resident and non-resident landowners, or their agents or lessees, to hunt feral hogs without a hunting license. So far, legislators have referred this bill to the committee on Water and Rural Affairs.

House Bill 661 from state Rep. Ken King would allow deer breeding facilities “with the highest status transfer category as determined by commission rule” the ability to release breeder deer to a low-fenced site that “includes at least 5,000 acres of contiguous land, and is within 200 miles of the deer breeding facility.” The bill has been filed, but so far, legislators haven’t taken any other action.

We’ll keep you up to date on these bills and any other pertinent information coming out of Austin. Stay tuned!

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This article originally appears at Texas Trophy Hunters

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