Lambing Time at WildWoods

  It is lambing time here at WildWoods and we enjoy so much getting to watch all the new lambs discover life.  They have so much energy and are so curious of every new thing.  I can just sit and watch […]

Holiday Buck

This was a special Holiday season for Lane Renfro when out stepped this 17 3/4 inch Hill Country Buck.  Lane took the trophy buck on Karl and Brenda Oestreich’s KOBO Ranch just west of Lampasas, Texas.

WildWoods Holidays Packed with…..

The first real Winter weather storm at WildWoods brought a bunch of new lambs.  It seems like every time really bad weather hits many of the ewes on the place decide that is the perfect time to give birth.  We […]

The Easiest and Best Cake You Ever Made

Every once in a while I throw together a recipe and it becomes a favorite.  The other day we had company coming by and nothing really to offer them.  I decided to throw together a quick bundt cake for dessert.  […]

Blackpowder Buck the Old Fashioned Way

  A nice Hill Country 8 point taken by Tom Compton in far West Travis County Saturday. It had an 18″ outside spread, taken with a .54 flintlock Tom built. The load was a .535 lead ball patched w/ .024 denim and lubed […]

I Should of Done This When I was Younger

I grew up working on weekends and in the summers on ranches.  I built fences, worked cattle, ran irrigation equipment, picked pecans and anything else that needed to be done.  I had part time jobs during school at Sears and […]