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Real stories by people who love the outdoors but aren’t paid to write about it.

The Social Media Conservative Archetype

Social media has run amok. Here we have this propped up soapbox that gives every Joe Blow a voice. It’s never been easier to preach misinformation or subjective  conjecture, thus we take advantage of any ear watching on any outlet […]

20 Concepts Real Men Should Understand – Part One

OK. So here we have a list comprised of items I hope all men have an understanding of. I interviewed several people who swore to me that they are men. Real men, like drive a Ford F-350 Dually and drink […]

What Do The Outdoors Mean To You?

As I get older and my life and health changes, I find myself reflecting on the life I have lived and the effect/importance that the time I have spent in the outdoors has had on making me the person I […]

The Story of a Gun Shy Dog

One thing I have always wanted since I was a kid, was a ranch and hunting dog. You know, the loyal and faithful pup that doesn’t need a leash, loves the water, field and is somehow relentlessly obedient. In 2003 […]