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How can I get a fish hook out of my flesh?


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When a fishhook penetrates your skin, most times it’s a simple matter to pull it out and continue fishing. But if the hook penetrates past the barb, removal isn’t so simple.

There are two ways to remove such hooks without the assistance of professional medical help. The first is to push the hook so the hook point and barb break through the skin in a different area. This sounds painful, but it’s necessary. Then cut the hook below the barb with wire-cutting pliers, then back the hook out of the flesh. Clean the wound, then apply antiseptic and a bandage.

The second method sounds too easy to work, but it does: Make a foot-long loop of strong fishing line (double the line if it’s 10 pound test or less) by tying together the ends of a 2-foot section. Put the knotted end around your wrist and bring the rest of the loop up against your palm and hold it between your thumb and forefinger. Slide the end of the loop over the hook shank so it’s lying against the bend. Then push down and backward on the hook shank (this is important) with one hand while jerking the line sharply back with your other hand. The hook will pop free. Clean, disinfect, and bind the wound.

Remove an embedded fishhook by passing a loop of fishing line around the hook and pulling sharply while pressing down and back on the hook shank.