A fine swine, at least to hunt

Hunting feral hogs over the past couple of decades has become one of the most popular pursuits among Texas hunters, and participation in hog hunting continues growing almost as fast as the population of prodigiously populous pigs. Through their ceaseless rooting, eating or otherwise destroying crops and other vegetation, feral hogs cause as much as $400 million in damage to private property in Texas each year. Because the state would be better off if there were no feral hogs, Texas law offers no protection to the pigs. A lot of people who can’t afford to deer hunt can afford to hunt hogs, said Gallenbach, whose River Ridge operation – riverridgetx.com – offers a limited number of guided hog hunts during October and January. Most hogs are taken by hunting from an elevated stand overlooking a game feeder or an opening frequented by sounders of feral hogs.

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