Agarita Time in Texas

Memorial Day sometimes brings a crop of Agarita berries.  Lots of work to pick and clean them, but makes the wonderful jelly you may remember from the days spent with your grandparents.  Spread an old sheet around the base of the bush and hit the bush with a cane or cedar stick.  This is the easiest way I have found to harvest the berries.  Mike Thomas
Whether the end result is jelly, syrup or wine it will be a sweet taste of the Texas Hill Country.
Take some thick gloves as the bushes are very sticky, an old sheet, parachute or even an umbrella to place under the berries and beat them off the bush with a stick.  Clean out all the trash, cook them down and squeeze out that wonderful juice.  Recipes abound on the net so just take your pick and enjoy the harvest.  We use the one on the Pectin box for berries.  Leave a few for the birds and other wildlife if you can, Wild Ed


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