Campus carry offers protection: Opposing view

Spearheaded by Sen. Brian Birdwell and Rep. Allen Fletcher, Texas Senate Bill 11 marks another step in the steady march of states choosing to legalize the carry of concealed firearms on college campuses.
Despite legislative stalling and last-minute amendments, the efforts of gun rights organizations from across the state and country paid off in the removal of the statewide ban on campus carry. Contrary to the fear-heavy rhetoric from the bill’s opponents, Texas is far from the first state to allow firearms on college campuses. Campus-carry laws are already on the books for universities in Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Oregon, Utah and Wisconsin.
Other states have proposed campus-carry bills this year — including Florida, Nevada, Ohio, Montana, South Dakota and Wyoming — gaining various levels of traction in their legislatures. The recurring nature and ever-increasing support for these bills signals growing acceptance across the country. As semesters pass without incidents in states where concealed carry is allowed in campus buildings, the apocalyptic predictions of carry opponents lose credibility.