Game Cameras Give Preview of Season to Come

Our small place in Lampasas is surrounded by tracts 200 acres or less with some as small as 28 acres.  I understand that people want to get a small place in the country and get out and hunt.  What I don’t understand is putting four or five hunters on a small tract and killing all the bucks that come through. On one small tract you can hear four feeders go off within minutes of each other.  If not for the Texas antler rules in place we would not have any bucks at all in this area other that what comes off of the big places to chase does.  My family has not killed a buck in years yet every buck over 8 points that we watched on our cameras last year was killed by the end of the season, several of which I don’t think even made the minimum width. One place that is under 30 acres took four bucks and another under 100 acres took five bucks that we know of.  The deer population can not produce any trophy bucks and may not even survive with this kind of hunting pressure.  It is sad when people can only manage wildlife because of the laws. 

Now that I’ve spoken about that I will climb down off my soap box and show you a few of the pictures from our cameras.  All of the bucks we have seen should be left to grow as none are mature but I bet that few to none survive the season around here.  It is addictive to watch the wildlife coming to the feeder and I can’t wait to see what else shows up each week.  I have a friend that I gave a camera and he is also getting hooked on seeing what comes to his feeders.  Get one and put it out, I bet you will enjoy it also.  Wild Ed

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