Great Day Catching Stripers and Hybrids on Buchanan


Having roamed the hill country most of my life, I had always heard about the striper fishing at Lake Buchanan.  I had fished behind Wirt and Starke dams many years ago when you could walk down below the dams.  When the LCRA would release water for generation, we would free line live perch for striper and at times catch quite a few.   It was a lot of fun and it is a shame that you can no longer walk below the dams to fish this way. 

Some good friends of mine set up a fishing trip on Buchanan Friday morning with Ken Milam Guide Service.  We arrived at the dock at 6:30am and headed out to fish.  Within the first 15 minutes we were on the striper and catching fish.  We caught mostly striper the first hour of the trip and when the bite slowed a bit we moved to slightly shallower water and started catching a few hybrid striper as well.  What a blast they are to catch!  By 8:30am we had limited out with 5 fish each.  By 8:45am we were back at the dock watching Max Milam filet our catch,   Max is Ken’s son and a very personable guide and a fun guy to fish with.  Don’t do like I did and wait years to find out how much fun fishing Lake Buchanan for stripers can be. The prices are quite reasonable so get out there and have some fun!  Mike Thomas

 Happy Anglers (From left to right)

Mike Thomas, Rickey Hall, Sonny Haro, Victor Mendoza

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