Mandatory course helps cut down on accidents

That Texas in 2011 saw a record-low number of hunting-related injuries (23) and fatalities (two) shows the recreation can be safe and fun as long as hunters follow a handful of basic safety tips. […] Texas’ hunter education course, which covers safety, skills, regulations and responsibilities of hunting, wildlife conservation and the outdoors, is a big reason for that. “The reason we do it (make it mandatory) is to lower the number of accidents that happen, bring more people in compliance with hunting laws and instill a sense of respect and responsibility for the resource out there,” said Terry Erwin, hunter education coordinator for Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. According to Erwin, the four main safety rules to remember are: 1 While wearing “hunter orange” clothing is not a legal requirement when hunting on private property, it is a good idea, especially for deer hunters going to and from stands and for quail or pheasant hunters.

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