Roger L. Simon: How the ‘New York Times’ and Loretta Lynch Made Me Join the NRA

I am not a complete stranger to guns. I got my merit badge in riflery when I was a kid and have dropped in on a firing range now and again, learning the basics on Glocks and Berettas. I even went shooting with former Governor Rick Perry of Texas.
But the NRA was always a bridge too far. I interviewed Wayne LaPierre, its CEO, once for PJTV, but I never joined. I’m still a Jewish boy from New York whose mother cringed at buying him a cap gun.  It’s not in my DNA.
The New York Times and Attorney General Loretta Lynch have finally put an end to all that. Hello again, Mr. LaPierre. Here’s my twenty-five bucks.  Send me thatrosewood knife.  I’m in.