Test your knowledge of Texas hunting

Texas holds a remarkably strong, vibrant hunting culture, a reflection of the state’s diverse wildlife resources and a tradition of outdoor recreation that stretches across, and stitches together, generations of Texans. Many Texans rightfully pride themselves on their hunting-related knowledge and skills. […] in a state as large as Texas, with its diversity of game animals and hunting opportunities, that can cover a lot of territory. Correctly answer eight or more, and you’re either a wildlife biologist or a widely experienced and engaged Texas hunter. Which of the following is NOT classified as a game animal under Texas statutes, and thus has no closed season, bag limit or rules governing when or how it can be taken? Mallards, the most abundant duck in North America, are the duck species most commonly taken by Texas waterfowlers. 3.Texas is the nation’s top dove-producing state (about 40 million mourning doves at the end of the nesting season) and sees the most dove hunters (about 300,000). Approximately how many doves are taken by Texas wingshooters during an average season? 6.What percentage of Texas hunters hunt on private property? 8.What percentage of Texas’ 600,000-plus deer hunters are likely to be successful (taking at least one white-tailed deer) this hunting season? […] a few species nest and raise their young on Texas soil. 10.Which major Texas city owes its creation to a hunting trip? C (mountain lion), D (cottontail rabbits) and E (elk). Gadwall, blue-winged teal and green-winged teal have dominated the top three spots for years. A 2004-05 survey indicated about 70,000 Texans hunted squirrels.

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