The German Sport Guns GSG 922

I got my first 1911 when I was 15 and have been a fan for some forty five years.  I later bought an Ace .22 long rifle conversion kit and carried it for many years while ranching or hunting. In a dumb move I sold that Colt 1911 and Ace unit and have wondered all these years why in the world I got rid of them.  I now carry a Kimber Pro Carry or a Springfield with a Kimber .22 conversion unit.  I have been wanting one of the Kimber compact .22 units that they have had on their website for a couple of years but did not actually have for sale.  I understand Kimber is just starting  to deliver them but meanwhile I picked up a German Sport Guns 3.5 inch barreled compact called the GSG 922, it is imported by ATI (American Tactical Imports). German Sport Guns also makes the Sig 1911 just different cosmetic markings.  The GSG 922 is a 1911 style gun designed to fire the .22 long rifle from the git go and is not a conversion.  It uses 80% 1911 parts and weighs in at 34 ounces loaded so it feels like a 1911.  The magazine is metal and impressively made.  It holds 10 in the magazine plus the one in the barrel for 11 rounds on board.  I have fired over 250 rounds from mine so far with no failures to feed or fire.  It seems to be as accurate as these old eyes can shoot and has become my carry gun around the ranch when I am working or feeding livestock as it fits well in the pocket of my barn coat.  I do plan to remove the laser/light rail as it will not fit in my 1911 holsters, when it gets warmer I will need to carry it on a belt.  If you like the 1911 I think you will find a lot to like in this little package.  You can find it in many places for less than $300.00 which makes it a deal in my mind.  Wild Ed

The 922 sports and overall length of 7″ and a height of 5.5″. It is constructed of Zamak-5 zinc alloy, which provides maximum hardness and durability. Designed for years of economical .22LR shooting pleasure, the 922 has a threaded barrel and is available with or without a faux suppressor.
Ambidextrous Thumb Safety
Extended Beaver Tail Safety
2 Inch Low Picatinny Rail
Single Action Compatible w/ Many Standard M1911 Parts
Specs Caliber: .22LR
Height: 5.5 Inches
Length: 7 Inches
Weight: 31.92 Ounces
Magazine Capacity: 10RND
Frame Material: Zinc Alloy
Finish: Black Anodized
Slide Material Zinc Alloy
Finish: Black Anodized
Sights Low Profile
Adjustable Rear Sight
Grips Black Synthetic Double Diamond Pattern
Barrel Threaded Length: 3.4 Inches
Material: Steel Trigger Material:
Aluminum Design: 3-hole Skeleton