The Hummingbird Feeder Carousel


My wife and I have fed hummingbirds most of our adult lives.  We so enjoy just sitting and watching the antics of the little birds that hover like helicopters and then zoom around like jet fighters sometimes so close to our eyes as to make us uncomfortable.  The twirling fights of the different males along with the vibrant colors of some of the species can draw one to watch them for hours.  When we moved to WildWoods we wanted to have a special area for the hummers and kept trying to figure out a way to hang our feeders.  We tried hooks on trees, shepherd hooks and other contraptions that would get knocked over by the livestock or just were too hard to refill the feeders.  We finally came up with the idea of taking an old steel farm implement wheel and mounting it on a post to make a carousel upon which feeders and bird houses could be hung.  I took some 2 7/8 steel pipe scraps that we were using for fence posts and braces, welded them together and set it in the ground.  I then welded the old steel wheel to the pipe and it has worked great as a holder for feeders and bird houses.  Come up with your own ideas and see what you can do for the birds, Wild Ed

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