The Taurus Model 94

I currently own only one double action revolver.  I have owned many through the years and one of my favorites I wish I had not sold.  It was a S&W 686 in a stainless 6 inch barrel that was a dream to shoot single action.  I could not fire it double action very well as I have extremely short and fat fingers and my grip had to be incorrect to fire it double action.  Due to this I have always been more comfortable shooing single action and semi auto handguns.  I had always wanted to get a small frame S&W kit gun in .22 long rifle as I felt I could shoot the smaller frame double action with my short fingers.  The prices wanted for those and also the S&W 617 .22 long rifle kept me from buying one through the years.

I had handled a little small frame .22 long rifle revolver made by Taurus that I really liked, but the reviews on the little gun were real iffy with quite a few problems being mentioned.  Of course you mostly hear about the problems people have with guns and not all the great ones when you read reviews as a whole.  Taurus had decided to discontinue the Model 94 in small frame which prompted me to buy one before they went out of production.  I bought the 4 inch 9 shot stainless steel model 94 in .22 long rifle. It also comes in an 8 shot .22WMR as the model 941.  It has a satin stainless steel finish, adjustable sights and Hogue rubber grips.  The double action pull is pretty heavy as it must be with such a small hammer.  The single action pull is about normal for this type firearm and allows me to place the rounds very well.  The gun shoots about as accurate as I can see to place the shots and all in all I am quite pleased with the little gun.  I have now fired around 150 rounds with no failures to fire.  I have yet to find anything to gripe about other than the heavy double action trigger pull which I am sure a little judicious polishing would help.  For spending less than half the price of a comparable S&W I am very happy with my purchase.  Now if I can just find a suitable leather cross draw holster for the little gun I will be quite content.  Wild Ed