This Week’s Show

Next we talk all things sandhill crane hunting with our old friend Greg Pavur of Pavur Outdoors. Greg has been chasing the ‘Ribeye In The Sky’ religiously for nearly a decade now. He shares a wealth of knowledge on how to successfully put these giant, tasty birds on the ground. (Cable with a couple sandhills taken on a crane hunt with Greg)

 photo CableCraneWingOpenBig - Copy 2_zps4ryzb2rr.jpg

We then jump into some rattling discussion with renown whitetail deer biologist and wildlife management consultant Dr. Mickey Hellickson. Over a three year period, Dr. Hellickson and his peers recorded the results of 171 different rattling sequences performed on the 7,500 acre Welder Wildlife Refuge in South Texas. Dr. Hellickson breaks down what technique rattled in the most bucks, what kind of cloud cover proved the most productive, and whether morning or evenings resulted in the most bucks rattled in. We also talk pre rut, rut and post rut when it comes to which time period in the breeding cycle saw the most MATURE bucks come in.

 photo Rattling Bucks_zpsocoxkxgh.jpg

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