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General Beef Recipes, not wild, but still great. Steaks, Tenderloins, Rib Eyes, Roasts, Ribs and more.

Big Green Egg Pecan Brisket

This is a brisket recipe based on the Nature Boy brisket recipe for the big green egg. This will also work on a regular smoker, you may need to use foil though. It’s really good.

Brisket Burnt Ends

A Kansas City specialty, the burnt ends of a barbecued brisket are fit for a royal feast. Barbecue novices may shy away from these extra-crusty, extra-chewy little nuggets, but aficionados clamor for them. Any pit-smoked brisket has plenty of blackened […]

Drunk and Dirty Tenderloin

This one owes its inspiration to our old Kentucky home—the one in Bourbon County. It was there, in the same year that the country adopted the Constitution, that a Baptist preacher named Elijah Craig invented the wonderful American whiskey that […]