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Rabbit, Squirrel, Raccoon and more. The taste and texture of small-game animals vary greatly. Squirrel meat, for example, is mild and light-colored with a velvety texture, while raccoon is rich, dark, and coarse-fibered. The age of an animal also affects taste and texture, which in turn affect the cooking method. Young squirrels are delicious when fried; old ones would be tough and are better stewed or simmered. Rabbits, because of their short life span, are usually tender. Hares, whether young or old, are tougher and gamier, and usually are marinated or stewed to tenderize the meat and diminish the strong flavor. A young raccoon is tasty and tender when roasted, but an old one dressing out at 10 pounds or more is likely to be strong and tough, regardless of cooking method.

Tuscan Rabbit with Pasta

A European dish for rabbit. Many little restaurants in the Tuscany region of Italy serve rabbit sauce over pasta or polenta (cornmeal mush) during hunting season.

Spanish Rabbit and Rice

This Spanish recipe for rabbit and rice is very similar to traditional Valencian paella. Cooked slowly over a smoky outdoor barbecue the rice takes on a real rustic flavor, combined with the rabbit this really is a “campo” dish. This […]

BBQ Rabbit

This is a great and easy rabbit recipe. Use young fresh rabbits for a better result. Cotton tails are particularly well suited for this recipe. Jack Rabbits, not so much.

Cranberry Raccoon in Crockpot

Young raccoon’s are preferable, they are tasty and tender when roasted slowly. Cover and cook on low heat until raccoon is nice and tender.

Brunswick Squirrel Stew

For those who think they don’t like squirrel, this is the recipe to use. Squirrel is richer than rabbit and slightly sweet, it creates a nice tender flavorful stew.