Wild Game Recipes

Some of the best wild game recipes from professional cooks, hunters and chefs. From venison chili to raccoon stew, we rate them all.

Latest Recipes

Venison Gyros

Authentic venison gyros made right in your own home. The texture and flavor of this meat is as good as you get (or maybe even better as venison beats lamb) in a good Greek restaurant, without the traditional rotating spit. Stuff the meat in a warmed pita with sliced tomatoes, onions and tzaziki sauce.. Enjoy!


Venison Chorizo Tacos

Because of venison’s lean content, it’s great for tacos. This recipe is boldly flavored, and can be converted to use for chili or tiny appetizer meatballs.


TooLow’s Chicken Fried Venison

This is good good good. The breading sticks and it’s super tender. Try it for yourself! I recommend Kenny Fred’s deer processing for the tenderized butterflied back strap. This is key!


Texas Red Chili

Arguments abound as to what makes a good chili, but any self-respecting Texas chili is devoid of beans and uses cut-up steak instead of ground meat. This recipe tries to stay true to the Texas tradition.


Rowny’s Chicken Fried Backstrap

Everyone has their standby, chicken fried backstrap. I thought it would be good to post up different versions. This one below has suckered many a person who said they would never eat deer meat, only to be turned to the dark side


Big Game Baked Round Steak

This is a good venison dish to try when entertaining company. Once the meat is in the oven, you are free to enjoy visiting with your guests. The finished steaks are very attractive, with a slightly barbecued appearance.