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Getting equipped for action

Once upon a time in Texas, deer hunting was a simple affair ­- put on whatever drab-color clothing was handy and suited for the weather, slip a pair of work brogans on your feet, retrieve a rifle from the closet, […]

Where to hunt in Texas depends on several factors

Except for a small percentage who own land holding game or have access to land controlled by family or friends, Texas hunters face three options: hunt public land, become a member of a hunting lease or club, or use the […]

Test your knowledge of Texas hunting

Texas holds a remarkably strong, vibrant hunting culture, a reflection of the state’s diverse wildlife resources and a tradition of outdoor recreation that stretches across, and stitches together, generations of Texans. Many Texans rightfully pride themselves on their hunting-related knowledge […]

Texans’ Smith enjoys returning to cowboy roots

Known for his ninja-warrior moves on the field, the defensive end was named one of the defensive captains of the 2011 squad and responded with a career-high 6 1/2 sacks. Thinking back to his first hunting trip at Eagle Lake […]

Public hunting areas for waterfowl

In a state where more than 95 percent of the land is privately owned and gaining access to property offering high-quality hunting for most species can cost thousands of dollars, Texas duck hunters have tens of thousands of acres of […]

Mandatory course helps cut down on accidents

That Texas in 2011 saw a record-low number of hunting-related injuries (23) and fatalities (two) shows the recreation can be safe and fun as long as hunters follow a handful of basic safety tips. […] Texas’ hunter education course, which […]