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One of My Favorite Texas Singer Song Writers

Sunny Sweeney is a great talent and writes some lyrics that hit home hard.  She is from Texas and can often be seen and heard on the Texas Music scene.  Here are a few of my favorites for you to enjoy.  […]

Observe Fawns From a Distance

I left the house yesterday right after sunrise headed to town.  I was on my way to help my uncle move some lumber from his house up to his place in the country.  On the way I was treated to […]

Take a Kid or a Kid at Heart Fishing

My wife and I lease 100 acres from one of my uncles that borders our place.  Just about 11 months ago we stocked a pond on the place with Channel and Blue Catfish.  The fingerlings were only 4-6 inches long at the time we released […]

The Short Fence Snare

This is a “how to” on making and setting the most successful snare I have ever used.  It is great for predators and would work in a survival situation if one needed to snare deer or other animals for meat.  […]

A Call to Texans and All Americans in the World

On February 24, 1836 the commander of the mission in San Antonio wrote the following letter. He knew that the chances of leaving the walls of the Alamo alive were next to none. He chose to buy precious time for […]

A Bargain Priced Hunting and Defense Shotgun

 I want to address the cons people list on this shotgun right up front and give you my opinions on them.  Most of these complaints I hear from people that have not even shot these guns or even held them in […]